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October 27th, 2012, 5:47 pm


First of all, I didn't expect to not update at all for two months. And I apologize for that. As I said before, I am in my senior year. And everything is getting more and more important. That and I've been kept really busy. I barely had time for random little comics even. I didn't even think of anything related to Glass Hearts or Project 217! for this time duration. Also roughly 2 weeks ago, my grandmother died. And that just derailed me completely. I am feeling a lot better. Still pretty sad when I think about it, but I don't cry on the drop of a hat anymore. But it was really hard getting back into schoolwork, no less comics after that.

Is this me announcing a hiatus? I guess? I do have thumbnails of both P217! and GH that I can make more pages out of. Not of the rest of their current chapters, but something nonetheless. I will try and update when I have the time, energy, and motivation. But this is going to result in irregular updates, definitely. And I apologize for that. This really upsets me too because I really want to work on comics, but I haven't had a chance to do it for school this semester.

Next semester is a different story. I will be taking a senior comic book class, so there is a possibility of me deciding to work on either P217! or GH for that. Also there is senior thesis, though this might end up being either a series of illustrations, or a really short comic based off of GH or P217!. But at least I can actually get my mind working on these comics.

As for what this will do for the webcomics after graduation: I will concentrate more on writing the final versions of these two comics and getting them to be published. And not so much putting out stuff for the webcomics. Maybe for contests, anniversaries, and such. But I am officially a professional illustrator and comic artist, so I pretty much have to work hard on my dream on publishing these two comics at the best that they can be and then move on from there.

I will post a lot of stuff via my new art blog with information, sketches, and other stuff. & [url][/url].

And of course I will keep you all posted on actual PUBLISHED BOOKS of this comic and other merchandise and news and such. In the published form, they will definitely reach conclusions.

Thank you for sticking with me and I hope you will continue to do so as I become more and more professional. (And hopefully more and more well-known!)

<3, Monique C. / The Star Samurai

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