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July 26th, 2012, 3:59 pm


Firstly, I am super sorry for not updating this past weekend. I was finishing my college mentorship and it had a deadline on Saturday. So that completely messed up things for anything else.

Secondly, I began the next chapter incorrectly. It was actually supposed to begin with a few pages before the title. So I'm deleting whatever I put up to redo it.

Thirdly, Glass Hearts will update on Saturdays and Sundays. Why am I taking off Friday? Because I do not have the time to accomodate 3 pages a week. Why?

1) I'll be going to an adoring (I think that's the right term?) on August 5th.
1) I'll be going to Georgia from August 11th to the 18th.
2) I'll be going to a wedding on August 25th.
3) Orientation for college on August 28th.
4) First day back to college on September 4th.

I calculated how many pages I'd have to make to accomodate those dates and there is no way I can produce that much. Plus tomorrow is the opening ceremony of the Olympics and I cannot miss it for anything (fun fact: my favorite band of all time, Underworld, are the musical directors of said ceremony). And not to mention P217!'s 9th Anniversary is on the 31st.

So I apologize in advance if I don't update. Follow me on Twitter (thestarsamurai), and Tumblr (lestarsamurai) for this. But I did make lines for the first 4 pages. If I can't get out the final version with tones, rest assured you will at least see the lines.

Now for the fourth piece of news: If you haven't noticed, I put up a poll on the side. And I can see 25 of you have voted already (I've been geeking out about it via Twitter and Tumblr). Yes, I am holding a 3rd character poll! The past two times I did it via commenting. What persuaded me to do it in a poll? I actually discovered this site from a video game stream that I follow and thought "This looks simple enough".

So will Charlie stay in the lead? Will Liam and Michael continue to tie for 2nd place? Or will there actually be different results this time? I'll be keeping this poll up probably for the rest of the year. So that I can get as many results as possible!!

That's right, there's a fifth piece of news! You all know how I really want to go to a convention and meet fans and such. But there aren't any conventions near me, which completely sucks.
OH. BUT WAIT - I just found out a week or two ago that Zenkaikon, which I guess is normally in Philly, is going to be held in Lancaster next year! It's in the same city as my college, so transportation is easy and there is no need to worry about hotel arrangements.
Therefore there is a high probability that I'll either volunteer there or be in the artist alley (I'm not sure which one to do yet). Therefore, YOU SHOULD GO!

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