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ยป News Archives - //GLASS HEARTS X FACEBOOK?!

June 17th, 2011, 1:19 pm


Yes! Glass Hearts now has a page on Facebook! I will post news and other goodies up there! You all can like and comment on the wall there as well! :> Check it out now!

Also there will be a new layout eventually - it'll be a different header image, because I am too lazy to make a completely new layout at the moment. But I most likely will change the file types to gif considering every time I put up a layout for either here or P217!, the quality takes a tank. But that's because I have so many of you reading and Photobucket can't handle all of you, hahaha!

Also I am a frequent poster on Tumblr and I post a shit-ton of GH progress shots and sketches. So if y'all haven't checked that out yet, you really REALLY should:

Also don't you all DARE forget there is a contest going on! So far there are no entries! So yeah, I am anxious! See the rules here:

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