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→July 20th, 2009, 6:30 pm

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the-star-samurai, July 15th, 2009, 9:32 pm

I love that description. So much. Pepto Bismol cake, anyone?
Poor Charlie. D;
And I was too lazy to rotate the wall-color to align with the walls. Whatajoy.
Because dude - yesterday I was unenthused on going to the beach short notice and your comments totally cheered me up for that. Trying to make linearts now! ;u; THANK YOU ALL FOR COMMENTING AND AHHH SO MUCH LOVE.
(19)---Skriptkitty>> INDEED.
---Caffienated Sponge>> Indeed he is. xD I love making shut ups look spazz-tastic. / HAHAHA. BIG REMINDER. xD And he shouldddd. He's just a big baby about it. ;3; *squeezes cheeks and gets shot in the head*
(ENTRY3)---Caffienated Sponge>> HAHA NEVERRRRRR. ;D ;D ;D
(ENTRY4)---Mamo>> Awww! I LIKE BOTH OF THEMMMMM. >u< <33333333 LOVAGE!
(20)---Mamo>> Fo' sho'! I wish I had a shirt like that. && thankyou~ they were fun to draw.
---Caffienated Sponge>> Indeed. / LOLZ. CHARLIE BEFORE CLUBBING. OH DEAR. OvO Don't take any stimulants or depressants, Charlie! ;u; Charlie: "Why -would- I?" / Indeed. D; / Ah~ I'm glad I did then! 8D
(200FANS)---kunpuu.chan>> Awww!! ;u; ♥♥♥♥ THANK YOU!! So much love - oh my gosh! >u< *hugs*
---E.Redemption>> Thanks!! :D
(21)---RadicalTrain>> Ah~ yeah I remember that.
---Caffienated Sponge>> He totally should be one. D; / Ah yeah. Just when Charlie is the one giving advice and not John. xD
(22)---Novabani>> Thank you! :D
---konstan_tina99>> Awww yay~!
---Caffienated Sponge>> LOLZ 6TH GRADE? XD Geez~
(23)---kunpuu.chan>> I KNOW. ;D *PATS THEM ON THEIR BACKS* / Awww! I'm so glad!! <33 Thankyou!
---puffbum>> ;u; <3
---Caffienated Sponge>> REALLY LIAM? HE'S AN ATTENTIONWHORE? SINCE - WHEN? ;D / Indeed he does. Just to get out of Charlie's affectionate clutches. ;D / I don't even know who that is~ *ANGST* / Thanks~ I didn't actually do an overlay. I drew them seperately. I'm glad it looks like it has been overlayed though! ;D
---P!K>> HIIII. *POINTS* I HEART YOUR COMIC. ;u; ♥♥♥♥ I forget if I ever commented or not - but I love it! I really need to say it on there! / Cool beans. / HAHAHA. Considering I'm making a comic with a candy-named alien-supernatural believing organization, demons, an atypical magical girl, and lots of profanity, I am not insulted at all! *u* <3333 I'm so glad!! ♥♥♥ / Aww, he's my favorite too~ >u< / Yay! ♥
---Serimalia>> VERY nice. C; / I wish my high school's was like that too - with booths and large extravagant windows. D; Haha. / I'll be extending the contest (HAS YET TO ANNOUNCE THAT), so no worries~ I don't know when I'm going to end it though. D; / Rants always do that. ^^ <3
---konstan_tina99>> HAHAHAHA!!! THAT SHOULD BE THE NEXT OMAKE. *writes down on a post-it* I am being serious! Ahhh more opportunities to throw more of my humor at everyone. ;D ;D <3
(24)---Bearsquids>> I must say - your name amuses me SO much. Bear squids...DEAR GOD, THAT WOULD BE A CUTE SQUID. A BEAR HEAD WITH TENTACLES. Or...scary? OAO / ANYWAYSSSS - Aw man! Thankyou!! ;u; I'm so glad I'm making you laugh as much as I laugh at my own written dialogue. xD / Yay thanks! Can't resist the attention-whore-ness that is Charlie. ;D ;D ;D / I'll be extending the contest (Maybe end of this month? I don't know!) / LOLZ don't worry I make long comments ALL THE TIME. It's so bad. <3333
---LoliMiyoko>> Awww~ I feel your pain. I remember for the longest time NOT having a tablet and seeing all my friends being all "YES I HAVE A TABLET LOVE LOVE LOVE" and just making me feel like "...damn, I still use a mouse." Do you have a camera to take a picture of it with? If not~ I STILL FEEL THE LOVE!!! ;u; <3333 Thankyouuuu. / AW MAN. An anime would be EPIC. Especially chapter 2's car-abduction scene. HAHAHA OH MY GOD. That would be HILARIOUS animated.
---konstan_tina99>> Same here~ 8D / Thankyou! And I'm glad it's worth sneaking out for! >u< ♥♥♥
(25)---E.Redemption>> YOU SHALL SEE NOW! ;D ;D

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RadicalTrain, July 20th, 2009, 9:15 pm

Ahh, that would be my reaction to that bedroom as well. <3

Guest, July 21st, 2009, 12:33 am

Pepto Bismol cake... just the thought makes me throw up in my mouth a little. But still, Charlie's awesome.

Caffienated Sponge, July 22nd, 2009, 9:00 pm

^_^ Lolz at peptobisomol vomit glitter cake idea... really nice description!

For some reason I really like the pic of Liam and John in frame 5...

Ta for the replies, and sorry I'm late reading!

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