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→June 12th, 2009, 3:44 pm

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the-star-samurai, June 12th, 2009, 4:01 pm

Will Charlie ever be a "beautiful boy"? (Bishounen. I'm avoiding using the Japanese term. FAILL.)
Not now, that's for sure. And he doesn't notice that Connie would know already. GEEZUS BOY.

---Avi den Kanashimi>> I HAVE MADE MORE PAGES. >A< FINALLY. / It's a pencil. Mechanical pencil anyway. And thankyou. ;D
---Caffenated Sponge>> Imma divide my replies by 3 - since you made 3 comments.
1♪♫) It's highly unintentional bishifying of Liam, I swear! 8D;;; / Funny thing is that was my first intention when I first started developing this comic. Hilarious. XD / The second to last panel is Michael. He has flippier hair than John. Kinda. Now that I think about it I can see why it's confusing. ^^;;;;
2♪♫) Which Charlie is going to do a whole LOT of in the upcoming chapters. D; That's all I'm going to divulge. Lawlz.
When I first saw this comment I was like "HOLY SHIT LONG COMMENT ACTUAL CRITIQUING??? *NERVOUS*" And when I read it, I was so happy! I still am when I am scanning through it. ;u; Thank you so very much!! I'm glad it's turning out better than the first version. I worked so hard planning out the chapters -- even now I'm planning out chapter...58. And I might add more chapters which kinda scares me but is necessary to me. @A@ / You're welcome. I try my best to post at least 1 page a day. Luckly with my "sketch-page" ethic, 2 pages a day. :D
3♪♫) YAY. IT IS A PENCIL. He's sketchingggg. Of course he wouldn't do schoolwork. / Hahaha! Charlie as a smoker is definitely a concept that never went through my mind until cigarette was mentioned. XDDD Cell phone makes perfect sense for Charlie. But at the moment, he is not holding his cell. ;D / Thanks~ and cliffhangering is one of my prized skills. 8D All the old fans know it very well. ;D ;D
---Seedless-acorn>> Thankyou! AND OH SNAP. *twitches* OVO

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Caffienated Sponge, June 13th, 2009, 6:53 am

^_^ Thank you for the answers!

Charlie *is* a beautiful boy already!... although he certainly couldn't be called a closet queen! He does look super cute here though. Can't blame a girl for crushing! I can't wait to see him try to let her down... Maybe I'm a little twisted but I think there's major comedy potential here!

I like that you having him replying to his own narrative! Introspective, much?

Poor Charlie. All he wants is a little acceptance...

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