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Glass Hearts was first conceived in 2005 when I was very much interested in the shounen-ai and yaoi genres of manga and anime (I discovered it when I was 11, believe it or not). And I was actually drawing slash art of two characters for Project 217! and at some point I thought "This is really stupid of me to do - let's make completely new characters to abuse for my boy love obsession". And so under the name Starry-Eyed Love, I created Charlie and Peter (named Makoto and Reizo at the time) and tried making a story around them.

I met Devdasi on another site (ComicSpace) and she suggested I'd try making a comic and post it on Smackjeeves. Long story short, I started posting Glass Hearts on here on May 12th, 2006. And I somehow got a lot of readers really quickly and it was pretty crazy. Yes, this was my first serious comic effort, so it wasn't perfect. But I loved it and everything about it, so I kept going through finally getting a tablet (December 2006) until 2007.

In November 2007, a lot of shit happened. And I wasn't sure how to handle it all, being 16 and not very experienced with conflict at all. I'm not going to mention where something was posted about GH and Yamete, which I was involved with, but it pretty much tore me apart emotionally. I know now that I should take everything straight to the heart, but at that time I didn't know that. I've always put my heart into everything I produced, so naturally back then I was terribly hurt. I ended up taking GH and P217! off of the internet. I decided that I should re-write everything and go under a new name (since I was Buttercup Samurai at the time). I needed a fresh start, desperately.

For my high school graduation project, I wanted to self-publish a comic book. So I figured "Why not: let's start everything anew for this!" - it was essentially a compilation of first chapters of comics I had. This included Glass Hearts, which was the first chapter I completed. On November 27th 2008, I put Glass Hearts back online, which is what you are reading on right now. It didn't gather readers as fast as the first time I put it out online, but slowly it managed to get more fans than I left off in the past. Because of those things, I am very grateful for every reader I get, whether they fave the comic on here, bookmark it, comment, or lurk.

There is a huge gap between the first and second versions. A big one is the setting. After I changed the setting of P217! for its first comic adaptation, I decided that I should do that for GH too. So I felt somewhat more comfortable drawing backgrounds, because I actually was familiar with what I was drawing. A few things about GH parallel to my life - believe it or not, some aspects about the school are taken from the high school I attended. Also the characters changed with time.

At the moment, I am constantly editing, thinking, and refining this story. I'm in college at the moment, so I'm aiming to refine my artistic skills to the best of my ability. All for the goal of being an illustrator and comic artist. I'm probably going to self-publish Glass Hearts and Project 217!, but I might try and pitch it. So essentially what you're seeing online is a piece of history and not the final product. But I will let every one of my readers know when they can get a chance to get a physical book.

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